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St Luke’s exists to build community in the local area, and to bring spiritual inspiration, emotional support and practical help to those in need. The full text of our constituon can be downloaded here.


We commit to work in partnership with all those of goodwill for the common good

create educational and recreational opportunities for young people and others

promote healthy living

meet community needs where they arise

support community initiatives

encourage inter-agency working

seek to attract investment to the area

help build the capacity of the community to take control of its own future

make our premises available for non-church events

seek dialogue with who have differing beliefs from us

and work together with other faith groups where we can


But…on a case-by-case basis, we reserve the right not to:

- do anything to undermine or restrict the life of the church

- compromise our Christian practice and belief

- deny the truth of the Gospel as we see it

- accept restrictions on sharing our faith

- or allow contradictory beliefs to be promoted