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St Luke's Community Survey 2013 - continued

We also asked them about ways in which living in the area could be improved.   Whilst everyone bar one person could think of something they liked about living in the area 17 people couldn’t think of anything they disliked at all   No one thing stood out as something a lot of people wanted improving.   Nine people had problems with traffic, six with parking, six with the new Tesco development and five people wanted more places to meet.  

What they would like us to do

We asked people what activities they would be interested in joining at the new St Luke’s.  We gave them a list of possibilities and, in some cases, asked them for specific suggestions for what they would like.  A community café was the most popular idea but this was closely followed by creative workshops.   OAP lunches were the least popular idea.

Not surprisingly people had a lot more suggestions for some activities than others.   So for example: 73% of people who were interested in a social activity had a suggestion for what that could be, but only 36% of people who were interested in a keep fit class had a suggestion for what type of keep- fit class they’d like.   Suggestions for some activities were extremely varied.   E.g. suggestion for creative workshops, ranged from acrylic painting to cake decorating or basic dressmaking.   For some activities a significant number of people had a similar suggestion.   For example 8 people mentioned IT as something they would like to see training courses cover.   But for some activities, e.g. social activities, there was no one type of activity that was favoured over others.


We also asked people whether they would ‘like us to come and pray with you?’ and whether they would ‘like a home visit from St Luke’s?’  11% said they would like prayer and 19% said they would like a visit.


What would they like to offer

Nearly half of all people questioned (47%) volunteered skills or interests that they felt might contribute to the community through activities run by St Luke’s?  These ranged from the specific, such as eg. adult numeracy teaching skills, bike maintenance courses , photography, flower arranging, Indian dance , history talks, Asian cooking to the general, such as ‘help with setting-up’.

21 new contacts were made and 11 old contacts renewed. There were 20 offers of help in various ways.



We have concluded that initially it would be good to think about starting a community café in the new St Luke’s, and perhaps use this as an opportunity for taster sessions for creative workshops (as these were the two most popular ideas.) We will be thinking through the other ideas, such as training opportunities during our first year back in the new St Luke's building.


Thankyou for your interest and support!