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St Luke's Community Survey 2013

St Luke's carried out a community survey in July to find out what the community would like to see happening in the new St Luke's and if they would like to get involved in any way. Thank you to everyone involved in the survey; a summary report of the results is now available, see below.  

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See the report on these pages, or download it by clicking here

Results of a survey of the residents of Cold Harbour about the new St Luke’s

Jane Sherwood, 3rd September 2013



The entire St Luke’s Parish was covered (including Bertie Place, which is technically St John’s Parish, but where we have a lot of involvement.) Of these,  58 surveys were either completed on the doorstep or returned through Jane’s letterbox. The majority of people interviewed liked the area they live in. 75% of those who filled in a survey had been to an event at St Luke’s.


When asked about potential new activities for the church to run, a community café was the most popular idea but this was closely followed by creative workshops.   OAP lunches were the least popular idea. All the other activities suggested attracted a good degree of interest too, (ranging from 56% - 46%.) except  support groups (33%) and OAP lunch club (28%)


Nearly half of all people questioned (47%) volunteered skills or interests that they felt might contribute to the community through activities run by St Luke’s.


The vast majority of those contacted on the doorstep were happy to speak to the interviewers, and many are interested in the development of St Luke’s both as a building and a focus for the community .


Thank you to all who helped in doing this survey. I feel it has been a very valuable thing to do, and we hope will  bear fruit in the future.



The survey was carried out to find out what local people already knew about St Luke’s, and what new things they would like to see happening there. It seemed an ideal time to conduct this survey as the building is visibly being transformed. It also had the advantage of helping people to feel that their opinion matters to the church, and make them feel that they can be involved should they wish to.


Who we interviewed

58 residents of Canning Crescent, Fox Crescent, Abingdon Road, Peel Place, Weirs Lane, Chatham Road, Rivermead Park and Bertie Place were interviewed using a questionnaire completed by the interviewers or completed their own questionnaires between July and August 2013.   37% of respondents had been to a church service at St Luke’s but 75% had attended at least one event there.  


What they liked and disliked about living in the area

We asked them what they liked about living in the area.   Twenty three people mentioned access to town as being something they liked.   Others mentioned proximity to the river (16 people), the park (two people, schools (two  people) and the Children’s Centre (two people), one person mentioned the sense of being ‘rural’ though near the city.   One person mentioned the church.    Eleven people said they liked the area because it was quiet and 14 people said it was friendly or had a good community spirit.  


[Comment: people general seem to be thinking of ‘area; in relation to location rather than community/people and hence the emphasis on convenience and access to nearby facilities.   This may be a function of asking the question in the particular way it was asked.  Nevertheless 14 people spontaneously mentioned people rather than place.]