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Farewell to the "old" St Luke's

The old St Luke's had a grand send off service on Sunday 17th February with many from the church and community plus old friends present.


As part of the service, Martin Beek created a Tree of Life out of plaster and cardboard. with a river flowing from it, right from the front of the church to the back door on the floor boards. This represented the many images of a tree by streams of water in the Bible (Psalm 1; Ezekiel 47 v.12; Revelation 22 v.1 and 2) and a symbol for us at st Luke's of our continuing presence in the community in the future, providing shelter, fruit, healing and beauty, by God's Holy Spirit flowing out through us.


During the service people wrote prayers on fruits and came to hang them on the tree.

Sunday 17th February 11am - Last Sunday Service

Sunday 24th February 10am - Musical Procession

On Sunday 24th February the Salvation Army band met with St Luke's people for the last time in the old St Luke's, now standing completely empty. We prayed and then processed over to the South Oxford Christian Centre in Wytham Street accompanied by singing, the brass instruments playing and the beat of the drum.

The service ended with a blessing prayer for St Luke's:

Bless St Luke's and those within

Bless our giving and receiving

Bless our words and conversation

Bless our hands and recreation

Bless our sowing and our growing

Bless our coming and our going

Bless all who enter and depart

Bless St Luke's, your peace impart

Then we all popped party poppers in celebration of all that has happened here and in expectation of future good things to come.

Feb 13 035

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We worshipped with the Salvation Army on Sundays at 10.30 am until our return to the new

St Luke's in November.