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Financial Help

St Matthew’s with St Luke’s and five other Christian churches run a CAP Debt Centre here in Oxford.


CAP provides the UK's leading debt-help service, and it is available free to absolutely anyone.  To get this free advice on all your debts ring freefone 0800 328 0006.


John Price is the treasurer: or call him on 07801 448929.

Help with your debts (CAP) and Interest-free loans (IFL) here in Oxford



At St Matthews and St Luke’s we also have a Low Interest Loan Scheme which is actually an Interest-Free Loan Scheme. Yes, it really is interest-free.


To qualify for a loan you have to:

1.Need it for a good purpose;

2.Prove you will be able to repay it (it is a loan, not a gift);

3.Not be able to borrow it sensibly from elsewhere.


If you really do have a need to borrow some money, speak to John Price,, or 07801 448929.


For further details of this loan scheme, click here.

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For more background information on all that St Luke's and St Matthew's are doing to help those in financial difficulties, just see here.


You might also be interested in "ACTS 435" - a Christian charity that gives practical  help to people in need.