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Our Manifesto: Love in Action

St Luke’s is a community of people from all walks of life who are drawn together because of Jesus. Community is at our heart.


St Luke’s values:

• Providing a safe and relaxing place where everyone matters

• Looking for practical ways to care for one another, our neighbourhood and our world

• Working for peace and reconciliation, and challenging injustice where we see it

• Celebrating joyful occasions

• Expressing our faith in a way that do not hide from life’s difficulties

• Sharing food, fun, creativity and the arts

• Looking for the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our lives

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What we will do

- work in partnership with all those of goodwill for the common good

- create educational and recreational opportunities for young people and others

- promote healthy living

- meet community needs where they arise

- support community initiatives

- encourage inter-agency working

- seek to attract investment to the area

- help build the capacity of the community to take control of its own future

- make our premises available for non-church events

- seek dialogue with who have differing beliefs from us

- and work together with other faith groups where we can


But…on a case-by-case basis, we reserve the right not to:

- do anything to undermine or restrict the life of the church

- compromise our Christian practice and belief

- deny the truth of the Gospel as we see it

- accept restrictions on sharing our faith

- or allow contradictory beliefs to be promoted


Our Blueprint for Partnership