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In March 2010, as part of the Womens’ International Festival, the youth group Sister Act created a series of banners about themselves, called Angels with Aspiration. They made full-size self portraits by drawing each other’s body outlines onto canvas, then painting their own outlines in. They set up and hosted an exhibition of their work.

Other arts sessions that have taken place at St Luke’s include:


Graffiti art                             Customising furniture with découpage                              Papier mâché  

                  Stain glass painting                     Circus skills                            Dance workshops

            Music recording sessions                        Tie dye                   Making handbags out of old denim

 Junk modelling                         Spatter art                        Collage                                                     Painted clocks

Our priest, the Revd Jane Sherwood, who originally trained as an occupational therapist, is a practising artist. One series of Sunday talks has been devoted to looking at the world’s great religious works of art alongside contemporary depictions of the same subjects and this produced alot of lively discussion especially amongst the children.


Pottery has been the focus on a few occasions with a potter throwing and decorating a pot. Other themed activities have focussed on issues like world hunger and climate change through interactive displays and craft sessions.

In March 2011, St Luke’s was the venue for an international art event when members of an internet art group, ‘Julia Kay’s Portrait Party’, to which two church members belong, came to spend a day doing portraits of each other. Anyone connected with St Luke’s was invited to participate. Many ‘JKPP’ artists joined in by sending a portrait on a postcard from as far away as Iraq, USA, Canada and Australia. The event was followed on the internet, generating more portrait activity and many appreciative comments on the hospitality and special atmosphere of St Luke’s.

We have hosted an exhibition of paintings done by homeless people in Oxford, in conjunction with the city’s Gatehouse project, which we support from time to time, and have one on permanent display.

Dance of all kinds is very popular amongst the children, and some of them have choreographed their own dances to celebrate special occasions.


A small informal singing group run by one of our musicians on a Tuesday evening develops confidence through performance for a group of young teenagers.


A group dressing up as angels recently raised money for the Big Project through requests for jobs needing doing, via the website


Every Autumn St Luke’s Got Talent! showcases talent from the community with prizes awarded by a pair of community police officers. Our last one included traditional Indian dance, disco and breakdance, poetry, a comedy slot with jokes, singing, music for guitar and violin, as well as nursery rhymes with a two-year old!

Dance and music

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