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The Arts play an important role in the work of St Luke’s, enriching the young lives of many children and families who live in our corner of South Oxford with new skills and interests, friendships, a safe environment and a special atmosphere where all are valued.

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We endeavour to be creative in all that we do, with groups for different age groups in the week as well as activities on Sunday. While the original building was intended as a church, its appearance and function inside has, for many years now, been that of a big barn-like hall in which to play games, paint and do messy crafts.

Art can free our imagination and help us discover our potential. It celebrates, communicates, conveys mystery, can heal, asks questions, demands attention, gives self worth, does not rely on words.

It is part of our shared experience

Many of the features of the building have been made by members of the community and those who attend on Sundays. Newcomers and visitors walk into a colourful and busy space.


A series of mosaics made by children and adults fill most of the blank panels of a big wooden moveable screen. This was Hannah’s idea. New mosaics are still being made.


Professional artists have been attracted to St Luke’s, drawn by its work on the margins of the city, its warm spirit, inclusiveness, informality and its community of people from widely different backgrounds.


The artist-priest Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga has painted large canvases and printed banners with woodcuts.


Martin Beek, artist and photographer, has painted a series of oil portraits of local people, run workshops and organised several exhibitions of his work alongside the children’s. Many of the portraits now belong to those who had their portraits painted.

‘To have a place and space to work is crucial in the development of any artist. St Luke’s Church offered me both. A PLACE where I could paint, have my tools and store my canvases and a SPACE where I was encouraged and nourished to be the artist and priest I am today. I will be eternally grateful to Revd Tim Bradshaw and Revd Jane Sherwood and all the St Luke’s community for their wonderful hospitality. It will always be my spiritual and creative home.’

Revd Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga,

We frequently run creative workshops for adults at St Luke's.   For a taste of previous workshops we have run,

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