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What was the BIG Project ?


St Luke’s Big Project was a plan to extend and refurbish the existing church building.  It came about through years of planning and careful consultation with the local community, with particular involvement from local young people from the beginning in the design aspect and fundraising initiatives.

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St Luke’s already acted as the only real community facility in the area.  Our wooden "Dad's Army" hut, built in 1933 with money raised by the parish with the involvement of local council tenants, served as our base, but was long past its sell-by date.  We wanted to improve and extend our facilities so that the community got the centre it deserved.The design for the new building provided better facilities including a chill-out room, new kitchen and better disabled access.  The plan used the existing foundations and timber frame of the church which have been found to be in good condition, whilst removing the asbestos panelling and creating better insulation.

Why change St Luke's ?

From Bishop John:


St Luke's is a brave and impressive church serving a community with high rates of deprivation and punching well above its weight.  Its work with children and vulnerable families is particularly effective.  I'm proud to support the practical and well-grounded caring activity that St Luke's offers to so many.

What they said

From Councillor Bob Price:


... the church has been at the heart of the community, providing a wide range of activities for people of all ages and denominations ... the new building will provide a large, modern and much improved space for events and activities, and for the excellent work that the church does in bringing people together.